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Communications Consulting and Public Relations Services, North Coast Communications

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Communications Consulting for Manhattan Strategy Group

We provided communications consulting and developed and implemented a public relations strategy that helped an NGO provide aid to over 500,000 individuals impacted by a climate disaster.

Communications Consulting for The Bizzell Group

We provided policy and issues management support to the International Task Force within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Communications Consulting for American Defense International

North Coast Communications provided copywriting, copyediting, and strategic communications consulting services to a government relations firm serving public sector defense and national security clients.

Over a decade’s experience providing PR and communications consulting to private, nonprofit, and government-sector clients.

Communications Consulting and Digital PR for Higher Loyalty

We helped a sustainable fashion and apparel company tell its story with strategic communications guidance and end-to-end press release services.

Pepek Legal Logo

North Coast Communications designed and developed a WordPress website and brand story that supported the client’s service offerings.

North Coast Communications helped a New Hampshire tech and business law firm improve its digital presence through a digital audit. Additionally, we designed and developed its first business website.

Non-Profit Communications

New Hampshire Ranked Choice Voting

We volunteered digital PR services to a grassroots public affairs campaign focused on nonpartisan electoral reform. Services included strategic communications consulting, social media management, and paid social advertising services

Indus Mobilizing People's Power logo

North Coast Communications helped a mission-driven organization with a scalable communications solution, email marketing, and original and curated content. Moreover, we helped manage communications and outreach, fundraising, programs, events, strategic planning, and relationship-building. We also helped lead administrative and clerical tasks in support of a 501(c)3 NGO.


We helped a community organization recruit players and volunteers and raise funds for youth sports programming. To do so, we consulted on communications strategy, social media and email marketing, and produced newsletter and social media content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Communications Consulting

From strategic communications and digital public relations to the tactical and practical tasks of implementation – copywriting, publishing, media relations, and social media management and performance analysis, North Coast Communications is your public relations and digital communications consultant.

Organizations of all sizes have challenges communicating consistently. As a result, they may be disappointing clients or employees and losing opportunities to their competitors.

North Coast Communications promises a full-service end-to-end agency experience with the customization and personalization of an expert consultation.

Communications Consulting for a Range of Clients

We’ve worked with a range of clients, including those in the following list.

  • Private individuals looking to raise their public profile,
  • Large public-sector entities,
  • Various non-profit organizations,
  • Small businesses providing professional services,
  • Community organizations,
  • Advocacy and single-issue campaigns,
  • Direct-to-consumer brands, and
  • International programs and initiatives.