Good, Done Well

Ava Tamayo, Spring 2024 Digital Media Communications Intern

Welcoming Ava Tamayo, our Spring 2024 Digital Media Communications Intern.

North Coast Communications is thrilled to welcome Ava Tamayo to the team! Ava is our Digital Media Communications Intern for Spring 2024, and she is already proving herself a tremendous colleague.

A sophomore at Florida State University, Ava is studying Integrated Media Communications with the intent to earn a masters degree in Media Marketing. Originally from Lakeland, Florida, her passion for writing and journalism took root while in the Creative Writing Department at Harrison School for the Arts. At Harrison, she realized her love for writing could be utilized for a successful future career.

“As I embark on this internship, joining North Coast Communications feels like a step towards developing my interests and skills to another level. I’m excited to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in strategic communications and public relations, as well as hone my skills in content creation and media management. I am beyond excited for what this next semester holds!”

Ava Tamayo, Digital Media Communications Intern, North Coast Communications LLC

Our internship program is individualized, challenging, and goal oriented with real-world applications to provide a valuable learning experience. Collaborating with young professionals to advance their careers, that’s Good, Done Well

Get to know Ava Tamayo, Digital Media Communications Intern

What is your favorite comfort food?

I love anything and everything, but street tacos and ragu Bolognese take the cake. Randomly enough, I am also an onion ring connoisseur and would eat them as a side over French fries any day.

What is one place you want to visit?

One place I am dying to visit is the South of France. I plan to study abroad in Valencia, Spain this summer, so fingers crossed I will be able scratch that off my bucket list. 

Who or what inspires or motivates you?

I find inspiration in many things. My friends and family are a driving force that push me to be a better person academically and personally. I also find inspiration in music as well as other art forms. 

Welcome, Ava! We are so excited to work together!