Good, Done Well

Consulting A Mission-Driven Organization

Helping a mission-driven organization serve the public with a scalable communications solution that bridges public relations and public affairs.

One of our early engagements with communications and management consulting was in supporting a mission-driven organization. This one, a non-profit. Because a 501c3 non-profit must serve the public in some way, it was a professionally formative experience—not simply in terms of skills, ability, and knowledge but in forming and articulating professional interests, goals, and ambitions.

It is wonderful that we will be partnering with that same non-profit once more. North Coast Communications manages and executes the client’s email newsletter, from production to learning to recommending additional strategies and approaches that enhance the client’s relationship with its community. We develop the newsletter structure and content, handle publication and dissemination, monitor and evaluate performance and engagement, and recommend new strategies to enhance audience engagement with the client.

As we look back on that early engagement and compare their prior challenges with their current objectives, our past success is a platform to stand up a new, crafted solution and scalable process that will help them serve the public once again.