Good, Done Well

Copywriting, Copyediting, and Strategic Communication Services for Government Relations Firm

North Coast Communications (NCC) provided copywriting, copyediting, and strategic communication services to American Defense International, Inc. (ADI), a government relations firm serving public sector defense and national security clients. North Coast Comms rewrote and reorganized ADI’s business development proposal template and recommended best-practice digital enhancements.

North Coast kicked off the project by conducting remote interviews with ADI executives and managers to understand,

  1. ADI’s service offerings and value proposition,
  2. client recruitment process,
  3. its clients’ commercial interests and psychographic profiles, and
  4. the strengths and weaknesses of ADI’s prior business development proposal template.

NCC supplemented interview data with industry and competitor research. And, after completing interviews and secondary research, we submitted meeting notes and bullets to the ADI project leader for review and approval.

This is how we like to work: hand-in-hand with our clients. It helps ensure clarity and helps stick to timelines and budgets.

Next, we produced and submitted the first draft revision of ADI’s proposal template. This included recommendations and comments that helped ADI achieve internal consensus about marketing its brand services. NCC presented the revision to multiple ADI staff and co-led a live review, discussion, and feedback session.

North Coast Communications then adopted ADI feedback into a pre-planned second revision for submission, which was ultimately accepted with final edits as the project deliverable.

By understanding ADI’s value proposition and differentiators and the project and stakeholder goals, NCC smoothly produced an articulate, modular business proposal template that is consistent with ADI’s brand voice and business development objectives.

We are confident the new business proposal will help ADI win business, save ADI overhead and staff time, and support ADI’s brand messaging.

That’s how we do copywriting, copyediting, and strategic communication services. That’s good, done well.

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